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Promised by Heaven by Dr. Mary H. Hensley

Dr. Henley writes this book with honesty and humor and the reader can find helpful advice.  One of the reasons I enjoyed this book so tremendously is that Mary Helen Hensley  explained heaven similarly to the subjects that described their experiences to Dr. Michael Newton when under hypnosisCompare with Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.

The author was involved in a car accident in 1991 that changed her life forever. Upon impact she felt time stall and temporarily left her body. At that moment, Mary Helen was consumed with a sudden clarity. She realized she had the choice to either remain in her body or exit from the earth, allowing the remainder of the scene to unfold without feeling any pain. She chose to depart from her body—and enter heaven.

In heaven, Mary Helen was welcomed by two angels who walked her through the place of light and encouraged her to go back to earth and help others. When she returned to earth, Mary Helen was suddenly struck with a desire to live a life of service and quickly set out on a journey into metaphysical healing. Her adventures took her to Ireland, where she went on to become a chiropractor, find love and new friendships, become a mother, and help numerous people with her gifts of communicating with the dead and seeing into the future.

Exactly like the subjects hypnotized  by Dr. Newton,  we read about the Beings of Light, the Council and the bliss and peaceful feelings on the other side.  Dr. Henley also explains the importance of dreams and points out more than once that we are responsible for our actions.  She learned from her father that it is useless to feel guilty over things that are in the past, because it doesn’t make our life any better, but that we should instead learn from them, avoid repeating them and live in the NOW. She shares how important it is to listen to our inner voice and that we all are following the path we have chosen before we were born.  In this context she refers to the book Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz which I have also summarized on this site. The main reason she mentions it is that it can be a challenge for people to grasp the concept that we have set up an illness in order to create learning opportunities for or own souls and for those around us. She points out when she is meeting one of her soul mates and explains that we interact very often with the same souls who accompany us on our journeysCompare with Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.

For her God is one of the many names given to the Divine loving force behind all of our lives and her faith, trust, and her heart-felt gratitude belongs to every Divine Being who has every graced this planet or lovingly watched over our growth and evolution from another realm.