The Heart of the Soul by Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

Gary Zukov and Linda Francis explain that authentic power is the alignment of our personality with our soul. When we become our own source of worthiness, we will still do usual things, but not to influence or impress others. We will choose our intentions consciously. We will live in harmony with others while remaining true to ourselves.

It is knowing that the person we are with is the person we are supposed to be with.

The authors see emotions as currents of energy that run through us. We can not grow spiritually without learning how to detach from our emotions and understand them as products of the way energy is processed in our energy system.

We can not always change people or circumstances, but we can always change the way energy is processed in our energy system.

As we become aware of our emotions we also become aware of our curriculum in the Earth SchoolCompare with Theosophy under Philosophy. When we complete assigned classes, we are given the opportunity to choose other classes. Looking inward is an important step in the process of spiritual development. Our task as a student on Earth School is to work on ourselves, to change ourselves.

Gary and Linda explain in this book the seven chakras and provide in more detail the positive and negative showings.

They note that spiritual growth requires us to become aware of everything that we are feelingCompare with Depth Psychology under Psychology all of the time.

We are on the Earth in order to grow spirituallyCompare with Proof of Heaven under Metaphysics and to give gifts that only we are capable of giving. Those gifts do not originate in the outer world but in the deepest part of ourselves.

The authors say that anger originates in fear. It is the agony of believing that we are not capable of being understood, and that we are not worthy of being understood. Anger is resistance to the world not being the way we want it to be. Anger is pure frustration at not being able to arrange our life and others as we would like.

When we set the intention not to speak or act in anger, when we look for new ways to speak and act when we feel angry, we involve the assistance of the Universe and assistance comes to us.

The circumstances of our life always reflect the needs of our soul.

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