(Hidden) Language Codes by R. Neville Johnston

I have read two of Neville’s books, “The Language Codes” and “Hidden Language Codes”.  Both of them are built on the premise that all things exist within a Quantum FieldSee Quantumphysics and Overlapping of Science, Religion and Philosophy under Science, a field in which all things are vibrating.

In “The Language Codes” (72 pages) the author leads us through the maze of our own language, guiding us past the pitfalls that we have been preconditioned to ignore. He addresses concepts such as angels, Karma and Christ as well as feelings such as anger and guilt.  But he also addresses the main theme of this site, that we have to work on ourselves and says. “It may be fruitless to attempt to change anything in our external world, because it will only perfectly reflect the internal world. Therefore, the only work that can be done is work on ourselves.”

“The Hidden Language Codes” (169 pages) is a book about thought. Neville explains that we think in words and in order to reach a higher frequency we have to change the very words we think with.  In other words, the book is about rewriting the language in our head.

He addresses principles such as: “What you hate you recreate until you love it” and that the idea that we can control others is an illusion.

He defines on a spiritual level words like obsession, sadness, shame, and stress and teaches us power words – such as acceptance and faith.

On the back of this book we can read that “our language is full of unconscious triggers” and as long as we continue using them  “and victim our way through life, we sabotage out own goals and happiness”.

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