It all started with these questions… Who am I? Where am I coming from? Where am I going to? Why am I here? Where do I look for answers? Should I only rely on religious beliefs?  Or should I only trust scientific research?  What can philosophers tell me about the purpose of life? Can psychology help me find an answer?  What can I learn from books about self-help and spiritual development?  What do books about metaphysical topics reveal? Is there any overlap? In my search for answers to these questions I started to read and study books about religion, science, philosophy, psychology and spiritual development.  When I started to reread and compare the information I realized it is always the same message:

  • We are all one and we have to develop consciousness.
  • We have to know ourselves.

Other important messages are:

  • There is no coincidence.
  • There is a reason I am here and I have a curriculum in my life.
  • The circumstances of my life always reflect the needs of my soul.
  • I need to live consciously to gain self-knowledge and self-control.
  • If I want the world to become a better place and wonder what I can do to contribute I have to start with myself.

The books influencing me the most were “Initiation” Elisabeth Haich, “The Ever-Present Origin” by Jean Gebser, the Bhagavad Gita, books about Theosophy and the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. Often after finishing a book I found I was somehow led to the next book that would be the most helpful to me at that point in time.

But reading books  isn’t enough.  The hard part is working on knowing oneself.  This knowledge takes a lot of effort and time. We need to be conscious of our bodies, aware of our emotions and mindful of our thoughts.  We need to develop the ability to truly observe ourselves, take notes about our behaviors, reactions, emotions and thoughts. At the same time we need to guard against self-deception.  Pretty soon we will see that our whole life is a blind reaction to attraction and repulsion and that most things in life govern us.  That’s when we can begin to make sure that we don’t allow our environment to act upon us. That will help us to become purposeful and more conscious.

In my search for answers I have also used the Internet and found a lot of useful information that helped me along the way.  That’s why I decided to create my own website with the hope that others might find useful information on this site and maybe even share their thoughts.

I also believe that we are living in a time of fundamental transformation and that new patterns of thought are required to make sense of all that’s happening now. According to Jean Gebser we have to reach a new level of consciousness and I feel it is important to share the information about integral consciousness –  a concept that emphasizes the integration of the whole person.

Warm regards, Susanne